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    Thumbs up Finnish-WoW (2.4.3) TBC Blizzlike 4x Exp Long-Term! JOIN!

    In short, Finnish-WoW was created by two Finnish men. We are both interested in Computers and like to expand our knowledge by hosting this project. Also we both like World of Warcraft. We liked how World of Warcraft was back in the Burning Crusade expansion and decided we should make a project off it, thats how Finnish-WoW was born.

    Finnish-WoW is a low rate long-term TBC(2.4.3) Private server.
    We are running on Oregon Core and ODB 0.0.7 Database, which we both update frequently whenever there is a new update available.

    What we can offer to you is:

    * Stable server
    * Blizzlike gaming experience
    * Friendly GM Support
    * 95% Content working
    * Arena and Battlegrounds working
    * English & Finnish support


    * Exp: 4x
    * Drop: 2x
    * Money: 2x
    * Professions: 2x
    * Weapons/Defense: 2x


    * Flight Paths: All discovered
    * Vmaps: Enabled

    *Dedicated Server Specs*

    * Intel i5 4x 2,66+ GHz
    * RAM 16 GB
    * 2 TB Hardware
    * Port 1 Gbps

    Register: Registering Page
    Forums: Forums
    Patch: 2.4.3

    We're also recruiting so please contact me if you are interested, we are in need of GMs, Forum Moderators and 1 Graphic Designer!

    Head Administrators:

    Head Administrator/Community Administrator: Akinos

    Head Administrator/Technical Administrator: Ajax

    In-Game Support:

    Game Master: Stonemother

    Game Master: Open

    Game Master: Open

    Forum Support:

    Forum Moderator: CeiŠ

    Forum Moderator: Open

    Forum Moderator: Open


    Graphic Artist: Open

    - Finnish-WoW Staff

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    Default Re: Finnish-WoW (2.4.3) TBC Blizzlike 4x Exp Long-Term! JOIN!

    Rate have been changed:

    * Exp: 4x to 7x
    * Drop: 2x to 3x
    * Money: 2x to 3x
    * Professions: 2x
    * Weapons/Defense: 2x

    Finnish-WoW TBC 2.4.3 Trailer - YouTube


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