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    Default Re: What are the benefits of playing games?

    i don't know more.

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    Default Re: What are the benefits of playing games?

    Quote Originally Posted by shaidar_haran View Post
    Wow, Dardaigh. You really have various zodiac signs there. Thanks for saying I"m cool. Boosted my ego 8) Jk, jk...

    Only those two?
    hehe! Thanks. You made my day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dardaigh View Post
    For me the benefits of playing games (console or MMORPG) would be relaxation and fun. I work a lot at writing, blogs and posting on my own forum and i need a break from that so i play games and hang out with my friends online. Also, online games like MMORPG give me a chance to meet new friends and talk and as i'm already a very social person that makes me very happy.
    Just thought of a few more reasons to love gaming.

    You can expand (not replace) your social circle and meet interesting people all over, much like you would on a forum. But these people share a passion for your favorite game and that instantly gives you something in common to talk about.

    Also, gaming makes you feel good. It's not like constant TV watching which can be a drain.

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