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    Talking [RELEASE] Oil Magnate

    In 1989, reLINE Software has released the strategy game Oil Imperium for Amiga, Atari and C64. Now, this successful game goes Xbox 360 Indie with Oil Magnate. Despite the new design, new sounds and various other improvements compared to the original, Oil Magnate still preserves every aspects of its original entertainment value. The target of the game is to promote and sell oil and defeat your competitors either with legal or unfair methods. Play against up to 3 other local players or computers. Choose from one of four different targets: best after a period, be the first investing a certain amount, reach a certain market share or wipe out all other competitors.

    There are 9 oil-producing regions to promote your oil: Alaska, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Russia, Gulf-Region, Indochina and Australia. Each region has its own oil price, demand and ground characteristics.

    Sabotage your rivals by engaging a secret agent that ignites oil fields, destroys tank storage, manipulates oil prices and demands on the international markets. Hire a security company to protect yourself against these terrorists.

    Prove your skills in 3 different mini games. Construct oil pipelines when workers need your help, drill wells manually and extinguish burning oil fields using dynamite.

    Download the full and demo version of Oil Magnate here:
    Oil Magnate -

    Oil Imperium Remake XBOX 360 - YouTube

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