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    Default Tell you the tips to fix the PS3 controller problems by yourself

    I find this article form i feel it's very useful us myself may me you need it

    If you are one of the fortunate PlayStation 3 owners, I think you are never willing to find that your PS3 controller suddenly becomes not work when you are enjoy in the games, and you already know that it is one of the best and most trouble free gaming systems currently on the market. However, that said, no technology is perfect and PS3 controller problems are not that rare. If your controller starts acting up, your first inclination may be simply to purchase a new one, but that may not actually fix the problem if the issues are with an element of the console itself.

    The most common source of PlayStation 3 controller problems has to do with the bluetooth element of the PS3 controller. In short, the controller becomes out of sync with the gaming system. One of the easiest ways to fix many PS3 controller issues is through resetting the controller. To do this, you need to first connect the PS3 controller to a USB controller charger and then press the “PS” button. Then remove the USB cord, and press the “PS” button again. Perhaps that can make your controller come back to good again, you can try it if this were to happen to you.

    Another source of common PlayStation 3 controller problems is dust build up. Just as with the main console, you need to make sure the controller is kept clean for it to function properly. Finally, you may have an issue with loose wires inside the PS3 controller. To learn how to properly troubleshoot this issue, you will probably want to refer to a home PS3 repair guide.

    In fact, you can use the PS3 accessories to protect your console and controller more durable, such as a cooling fan, a controller carrying case, and many PlayStation 3 controller problems can be fixed at home if you have the right knowledge, equipment and a little patience. You needn’t always buy a new controller without a repair for your old one, that can save you a lot of money and you will also enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Tell you the tips to fix the PS3 controller problems by yourself

    Thank you very much for this, my controller always messes up in the middle of a game :S

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    Default Re: Tell you the tips to fix the PS3 controller problems by yourself

    My controller's L2 was jammed and didn't work. Jammed as in if i pressed it, it wouldn't work not physically jammed. Technologically jammed. If i had a case it wouldn't make a difference. Cases and stuff are for people who can't care for their things. I know i took better care of my controller it'd be perfect.


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