How to get free gold in Skyrim? Well, it is very easy if you know some tricks that might help. Here's one:

1. When you travel to Winterhold, and then go south of the town, you will encounter a snow bear.
2. You can beat him if you want, or just run right pass him.
3. After that bear you will come to a snow covered hill where you can go up.
4. Go up the big slope.
5. When you reach the top, a cave icon will slowly appear on your screen map.
6. Follow it until you get there (Sightless Pit).
7. Once you are up there and you actually see the cave, just start walking towards the right and slightly left.
8. Your direction should be southwest, and there will be an upward slope covered in snow.
9. Again, go to the top, at the crest of that slope turn left, and you will find a shrine, with some skeletons there.
10. Kill skeleton on the tomb and then (Of course) search his body (Body?)
11. You will find an ancient weapon and a book of Oblivion.
12. Take the weapon but don't take the book.
13. That is important part. Don't take the book.
14. Exit his inventory, and again enter it.
15. You will notice there are two books now.
16. Now just repeat this step for whatever long you want.
17. Then go to the nearest shop and sell them all.

*Important Notice: Just don't take the book. Save before you go up there and you will be fine.

Each book is worth around 50, so you will be rich in no time. This glitch still works, and I used it two weeks ago, so go on and try it.

I hope you like this, easy gold, who would say eh?