Okay, it seems that whole world knows about this game, and of course it isn't perfect. There are alot of glitches for this game, but this one will help you to be better (of course by cheating).

First of all, make sure you own the Book Oghma Infinium. To get this book, you have to complete quest "Discerning the Transmundane". To complete quest you have to go to the Septimus Signus' Outpost located north-east of the College of Winterhold.

*Important Notice: Don't read the book when you get it because, if you choose your path, the book will be destroyed and the glitch will be impossible to do.

Now the glitch:

1. First step is to go to one of your homes that have chest inside them.
2. Activate chest (bookshelf) and menu will show.
3. Go to your books and search for Oghma Infinium and choose your path now. (Don't do this before).
4. Close the book and you should still be in the menu.
5. Next step is to store you book in the chest, exit the menu and the book will be in the chest.
6. Now take the book out of that same chest and repeat these steps.

After a while you will be leveled.

I hope I helped you guys. I tried it and it worked.

*Important Notice: I done this after Patch 2, so for this to work 100%, you should have that patch installed.

*Important Notice: You need to be level 15 or more in order to finish this quest I said up there.