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What Makes a Good Fantasy Game



What Makes a Good Fantasy Game


What do you understand by a fantasy game? Okay, a fantasy game none but of the online games in which players assume virtual/imaginary characters and roles and acts out fantastical adventures. In most instances, the result of the game is partially determined by other outcome such as a dice roll.


Research carried out indicate that it is the Internet which has largely contributed to the growth of the fantasy games. Actually due to the increase in the usage of electronic gadgets like the laptops, personal computers and smartphones has made the games more popular.


What are the Features of an ideal fantasy game?best-rpg-games-2015


Adventurous stories


A good fantasy game is that one which takes the player’s concentration fully. They should have the ability to make the players marvel at the latest in science fiction world or transport us to areas and environment where dinosaurs, demons, and wizards are real.


Fictitious characters


Basically, all the characters in these games are always fictitious. However, these fictitious characters are a representation of real and living characters.


What are the advantages?




People who play these fantasy games tend to disconnect from their busy daily routine and schedules. This helps in relaxing their minds by keeping them far from the harsh realities of life they face on a daily basis.


Cheaper than the real competition


One good thing with these games is that they can be downloaded for free or at a subsided cost. The subscription fee and players cost are substantially low compared to attending the real event. In short, playing these games will help you save lots of money as compared to you attending the real event.


Improves hand-eye coordination


Most of these fantasy games incorporate virtual combat and puzzle solving. Playing the games helps improve eye and hand coordination as both actions are required during playtime. Later in life, this coordination will help you in activities like driving and many others.


Help relieve stress196376064


Like they say, play expels boredom and dullness, playing un-predictive and competitive games gives the player some sense of control especially when one is under stress.




Since the majority of fantasy games are based on reality, they tend to be educative by helping the player in acquiring new tactics and tricks, which is another form of learning.


What are the drawbacks of fantasy games?


    • It is not a secret to anyone that playing these games leads to addiction.


    • When addicted to playing them, you become over-dependent to the games which nurtures what we term as social isolation, as you will be always spending most of the time playing.


    • It may be breed aggressive and violent behavior


    • Most of the games portray women as the weaker, helpless and sexual objects


    • Most of the game environments are based on plots of gender bias, violence, and aggression


    • It negatively impacts on academic performance especially for students


    • It confuses reality and fantasy


    • However, not all fantasy games have such negative effects


    • Effects on physical developments such a joint and muscle problems, obesity, etc