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Best Fantasy Games 2016-17



Electronic technology has advanced at a high rate. The developments have made it possible for the emergence of new play stations and Xbox one. It has been noted that many of the fantasy games are phone enabled making it easier. Outlined below are some of the recently developed and updated best fantasy games 2016-17.


Final Fantasy XVmaxresdefault (7)


This is a new development from Square Enix businesses that is targeted as at September 30 this year of 2016. The company has over the years developed a series of final fantasy where now and then there is a recorded development. It is action oriented, makes it possible for you to be a character with the capability to oblique environments. It is designed for Xbox and play station 4.


Mage and Minions


A recent development of the game with the features of Android application downloads to your phone. The moment you download, you have an opportunity to play offline and update the application regularly. It is one of the most suitable games with a variety of great graphics. With the advanced adventure of the game, you get to experience a fun play altitude. Throughout the game, you have an opportunity to keep the Diable spirit alive. By having some minions follow you, you tend to increase your livelihood by expressing the talents in you or the minions.


Clash Royal


The recent advancements in technology that has made it possible to have phones that have reliable operating systems has made it possible for Clash royal to be downloaded on the Android phones. It comes along with many similarities with Clash of Clans. The reason behind the Clash Royals bearing similarities with Clash of Clans yet being totally independence was to avoid mistakes. It is a card based collecting game.


Summoners Warunnamed


Summoners war is also known as the sky arena which is created after the world is faced with gluttony over the mana crystals. It is Android, and IOS enabled making it easier to play using the phone. The game is quite interesting with the orientation happening at the floating island where a certain lady facilitates it. Its combat places a clear distinction between it and the rest. The special feature of the combat comes along with the huge collection of over four hundred monsters. The most interesting part of the game is that you are fully responsible for what happens to you at the arena while fighting. It is facilitated by the system of pay to win where the red crystal premiums are the currency.


Shard of magic


One common thing from the above games (apart from fantasy XV) is that they are phone enabled. It gives a very fine feeling while playing it for it is very funny. However, the game is very demanding for it is addictive in a sense. It is normally designed to give unlimited gems and unlimited food for you and your friends. By having the unlimited gems and food, you are assured of total control throughout the game.






Shards of Magic – All-in-One Mobile Game


Best Final Fantasy Game of the Series

maxresdefault (6)


The Final Fantasy series first started in 1987 and it peaked ten years later in 1997 Final Fantasy VII. The last Final Fantasy game was released in 2016 and the series still remains popular among fans. A total of 15 games (not including spin offs) have been included within the series. Here is a look at some of the best Final Fantasy games that have been released over time.


Final Fantasy VIImaxresdefault (6)


Final Fantasy 7 is the most popular game in the series. When people refer back to the Final Fantasy series they usually remember Cloud Strife and his gigantic Buster Sword. This was a turned based game that was loaded with lots of action and excitement and the game lasted for an extremely long time. Final Fantasy 7 set records and went on to become one of the best in history. The game went on to sell close to 10 million copies and it helped to drive up the sale of Playstation units worldwide during the late 90s. Some critics claimed that Final Fantasy 7 was arguably the best game ever created up until that point. This game did not become the best-selling unit in history but it did rock the gaming industry to its core. This game was the best Final Fantasy game of the series.


Final Fantasy X


Final Fantasy 10 is another installment in the Final Fantasy series. This game features the leading character Tidus and his fellow companions Auron, Wakka and Yuna. They have to stop the evil tyrant Sin from destroying their world. Final Fantasy 10 was not as exciting or groundbreaking as Final Fantasy 7 but it did receive extremely positive reviews from critics. The game sold close to 10 million copies and is the second best in the series. Fans really enjoyed the title and the engrossing story line. The graphics and in-game scenery were astounding. Final Fantasy 10 was released in 2001.


Final Fantasy IVWall_IVDS_03


Final Fantasy 4 was an important game in the franchise. It was the first game in the series that used an upgraded combat system that would later define the series. Final Fantasy 4 features a dark knight from the Blue Planet called Cecil Harvey. He is on a quest to save the planet from dark forces that are trying to overtake their world. This game received extremely positive reviews when it was released in 1991. The game sold close to 3 million copies during that era.


Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy 11 was the first MMORPG in the franchise that was playable online. This was a huge shift from the other FF games that usually were played by an individual player on a console. Final Fantasy 11 allowed players to team up with other subscribers to fight against in game enemies, to solve problems and search for rare monsters. The game received average reviews and ended up selling close to 300,000 online subscriptions.




World Of Warcraft Movie Review



World of Warcraft Movie Review

The following is a World of Warcraft Movie Review is a 2016 fantasy film written by the partners Leavitt and Metzen and directed by a produced known as Duncan Jones. The movie is based on the novels and game series that are set in the world of Azeroth from the Warcraft Video Game series. The major players in the film are Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster and Robert Kazinsky. According to, the film depicts the initial encounters that culminated between the orcs and humans in various locations. The initial plans for the film were laid out in 2006 as a project partnership between Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.
The central home base for orcs, which is known as Draenor is under siege and is slowly diminishing into ashes. An orc who is known as Guldan assumes the role of leader and guides the clan into a new world known as Azeroth. Sir Anduin Lothar is the military head of Azeroth faction, and he receives information on attacks on human villages, which leads him to meet a young mage known as Khadgar. Khadgar convinces Llane Wrynn, Lothar and the King of Stormwind to contemplate the right decision for engaging the master Medivh, the enchanted guardian concerning the ‘Fel’.
Meanwhile, Durotan is struck with the epiphany that the powers of Guldan are what led Draenor to diminish in the first place and fight more atrocities in Azeroth if they are not stopped. Despite the Orgrim’s objections, Durotan manages to invite.13267593_241905796178702_696446361_n


Back at the orc base, Durotan has been held prisoner while Blackhand molests his clan. At this point, origim starts regretting against Durotan, who manages to set him free and assists Draka in escaping with Durotan’s child. Inevitably, Drake ends up losing her life in the battle, but she somehow manages to set the baby on crib down the river. Following this, Durotan calls Guldan to a battle and is physically beaten thus including the warlocks to end Durotan’s life by siphoning his life energy, thus violating the stipulations of integrity in combat.


During the battle with the humans, Callan who is Lothar’s son is departed from him due to a magical spell developed by Medivh. On his return to Stormwind, the King regulates a war meeting where he proposes a plan to mitigate the Orc threat. Lothar questions this idea by asking what will be the result when the portal is complete and open. He ends up arguing with Medivh and is locked up by the King. When Guldan is forced to sacrifice several human villagers that were captured to be able to keep the portal open for the rest of the troops who are led by King Llane charge towards the scene. King Lane manages to save most of the human prisoners.



Best Fantasy Games Ever Worth Trying Out




Fantasy games usually comprise of adventurous and immersive storylines which easily makes them prevalent amongst gaming enthusiast. Whether its marveling at the different characters available in the game or the different types of interactions they have, fantasy storylines are one of the bestselling gaming niches on the market today. The ability that games have to entrance us into the lands where demons, dragons, Gods and superhuman individuals is a norm, have become endearing for gamers. In fact, playing these types of games lets one develop their problem solving and decision-making skills while provisioning them with immense fun at the same time. Here are some of the Best Fantasy Games Ever:

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_HD_duvar_kad

The level of adventure in Skyrim takes you through a story of deceit, chaos, and destruction that all combine into an enchanting gaming encounter. The story occurs well over 200 years after the occurrence of its predecessor known as the Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It comprises of the story of Dragon Born who his on his journey to eliminate Alduin who is a top ranking dragon and wants to destroy Tamriel. Players can learn Dragon talk and can even use mystical and powerful spells as part of their weaponry. Additionally gamers get the chance to advance their characters skillset. During the initial stages of the game, players can develop their unique character by choosing one of the various species including orcs, elves, and human beings and then gaining access to tools for customizing their appearance.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

This Prequel to Sequel takes place well over two thousand years before the onset of its Sacred-2_PS3_US_ESRBpredecessor, the Sacred 1. Seraphim has been given the responsibility of handling T-energy until they grow tired of it and hand over the responsibility to the High Elves. However, the two fighting groups of the High Elves start to conflict over who will be responsible for the T-energy. As the events of the story develop, the T-energy becomes volatile and starts affecting all life in the world. It is therefore up to the gamer to decide the fate of the universe. Players can advance their character by dividing stat points and selecting from various overarching skills that can enhance their unique powers. Similarly, it also allows them to exchange their weapons with NPCs and utilize different types of artillery.

Dark Souls 3

Most fantasy games usually comprise of some of a milestone that the hero has to achieve. dark_souls_3_art_warrior_106564_1920x1080It’s a game that features an eerie Japanese theme on the western fantasy that depicts a surreal story as the game progresses. According to gamers get to collect lost souls and kill monsters and use them to increase various playing stats. Losing your life in the game means that you lose all the collected souls, and you re-emerge at the bonfire that you passed through. Throughout the course of the entire game, gamers can come across various types of enemies each with a different set of skillsets. Some of them can change their combat skills during the game battles.




Review of The Witcher 3



Review of The Witcher 3maxresdefault (6)
The following is a review of the Witcher 3 that is an adventurous and fantasy action role-playing video game that was officially released in early 2013.

By mid-2015, the game was available on prevalent video gaming platforms such as Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Windows as well. A Polish writer known as Sapkowski bases the game on a set of fantasy novels.

More so, it is the third following its predecessors that were referred to as The Witcher along with Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings.
The game is based on the third person point view as gamers are engaged in controlling Geralt of Rivia whose sole purpose and profession in life if to hunt monsters.

Geralt of Rivia is on a long trip through several Northern factions in his country engaging in combat with many of the world’s adversities by using magic and swords. Additionally, gamers are also involved in completing milestones and side missions that all culminate into an immersive gaming experience.

witcher7-1920x1080The storyline of the game begins when Geralt is searching for his partner who is known as the Sorceress along with his friend Vesmir who is a high-ranking witcher.

The sorceress had previously tried to contact Geralt but was forced to flee to be able to avoid the conflict between warring factions of Redania and Nilfgaard.

Nevertheless, it is the sorceress who manages to find her way to Geralt.

When she arrives, she is in the company of Nilfgaardian guard and the emperor summons Geralt for an interaction in Vizima. In Vizima, the emperor orders Geralt to find Ciri.

She is the child of the Elder Blood, who is the last heir to the ancient bloodline that provides her with power to navigate the space and time continuum.

However she is running from the Wild Hunt faction, which are a collection of elves that have been tasked with the capture of Ciri and manipulate her abilities for criminal activities. Therefore, Geralt complies with the mission of finding her but only for the benefit if Ciri and initiates the search process by trying to contact his friends in Velen.
Although the game is similar n some respects to the previous Witcher games, Wild Hunt has improved on various levels. In fact, the Witcher 3 involves an action packed role playing game system along with the ability to use magic. To be specific, it comprises of new mechanics such as the capacity to identify nearby missions, resources and to battle on an enchanting horse at sea. Gamers can also move around and dodge attacks by climbing, jumping and running as well. The game is set in a broad spectrum of locations including battlefield of Velen, Royal Palace in Vizima, Village of White Orchard and Skellige Isles amongst many others.
According to, the game also comprises of what is referred to as ‘Gwent’, which is card game the replaces the dice approach from previous Witcher games.The Witcher 3 is regarded as the final production in Witcher series with Geralt of Rivia as the protagonist.