The Future of Fantasy Games



Fantasy games started with text based adventure games. Hundreds of fantasy games have been created since then, and the genre has a huge following. Two notable examples that have made an impact are Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV, a game by Square Enix, has great graphics and even though it has been in production for over eight years, fans around the world are looking forward to its release. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installments of a series by Bioware.



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The Dragon age has had a rocky past. The Dragon Age Origins was for example referred by hardcore fans as a classic cult. It featured an extended campaign mission full of black humor and plot twists. Then Dragon Age II was released, it was short, this disappointed fans who felt that the developers were in a rush. It took a fraction of the time that it took to finish the original Dragon Age Origins. Check for any updates.



Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy, on the other hand, has had overall success in the way fans have responded to it. The notable exception was Final Fantasy XIII that was rated lowest in the game’s series history. The failure to launch Final Fantasy XIV also had a significant financial impact on Square Enix, which almost sent it to bankruptcy. Those past failures have made Square Enix realize that they cannot afford any delays or failures. Its detector, Tabata, and the Square Enix team are now set to make Final Fantasy XV a benchmark game. Check any updates.



Why Fantasy Games are So Popular


Fans of fantasy games find them to have a particular aspect of reality which allows them to join in and enjoy the play. The game’s developers create a perspective that does not go too much into actual fantasy or reality. Fantasy Games avoid making certain medieval facts fictitious to the point that they respect history. A player can find the development of the plot to be believable.



On the other hand, if the developers were to create scenarios that make the game appear to contradict medieval historical facts, then players would miss the satisfaction they seek.The satisfaction comes from the feeling of being involved in the actual life that the games try to simulate. They would instead feel cheated. The best Fantasy Games are those that allow the player to feel challenged. They must also last long enough to quench the player’s “thirst” for challenge and adventure.






It’s the hope of all the stakeholders that companies have learned that from their past failures and mistakes, including those made by competitors. The Fantasy games future, therefore, looks promising. Companies are now taking their time to create games that meet the fan’s expectations regarding quality and quantity of play. Square Enix and Bioware seem to have taken the challenge to produce games that will shape the Fantasy genre for years to come.




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