Best Final Fantasy Game of the Series

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The Final Fantasy series first started in 1987 and it peaked ten years later in 1997 Final Fantasy VII. The last Final Fantasy game was released in 2016 and the series still remains popular among fans. A total of 15 games (not including spin offs) have been included within the series. Here is a look at some of the best Final Fantasy games that have been released over time.


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Final Fantasy 7 is the most popular game in the series. When people refer back to the Final Fantasy series they usually remember Cloud Strife and his gigantic Buster Sword. This was a turned based game that was loaded with lots of action and excitement and the game lasted for an extremely long time. Final Fantasy 7 set records and went on to become one of the best in history. The game went on to sell close to 10 million copies and it helped to drive up the sale of Playstation units worldwide during the late 90s. Some critics claimed that Final Fantasy 7 was arguably the best game ever created up until that point. This game did not become the best-selling unit in history but it did rock the gaming industry to its core. This game was the best Final Fantasy game of the series.


Final Fantasy X


Final Fantasy 10 is another installment in the Final Fantasy series. This game features the leading character Tidus and his fellow companions Auron, Wakka and Yuna. They have to stop the evil tyrant Sin from destroying their world. Final Fantasy 10 was not as exciting or groundbreaking as Final Fantasy 7 but it did receive extremely positive reviews from critics. The game sold close to 10 million copies and is the second best in the series. Fans really enjoyed the title and the engrossing story line. The graphics and in-game scenery were astounding. Final Fantasy 10 was released in 2001.


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Final Fantasy 4 was an important game in the franchise. It was the first game in the series that used an upgraded combat system that would later define the series. Final Fantasy 4 features a dark knight from the Blue Planet called Cecil Harvey. He is on a quest to save the planet from dark forces that are trying to overtake their world. This game received extremely positive reviews when it was released in 1991. The game sold close to 3 million copies during that era.


Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy 11 was the first MMORPG in the franchise that was playable online. This was a huge shift from the other FF games that usually were played by an individual player on a console. Final Fantasy 11 allowed players to team up with other subscribers to fight against in game enemies, to solve problems and search for rare monsters. The game received average reviews and ended up selling close to 300,000 online subscriptions.




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