Best Fantasy Games 2016-17



Electronic technology has advanced at a high rate. The developments have made it possible for the emergence of new play stations and Xbox one. It has been noted that many of the fantasy games are phone enabled making it easier. Outlined below are some of the recently developed and updated best fantasy games 2016-17.


Final Fantasy XVmaxresdefault (7)


This is a new development from Square Enix businesses that is targeted as at September 30 this year of 2016. The company has over the years developed a series of final fantasy where now and then there is a recorded development. It is action oriented, makes it possible for you to be a character with the capability to oblique environments. It is designed for Xbox and play station 4.


Mage and Minions


A recent development of the game with the features of Android application downloads to your phone. The moment you download, you have an opportunity to play offline and update the application regularly. It is one of the most suitable games with a variety of great graphics. With the advanced adventure of the game, you get to experience a fun play altitude. Throughout the game, you have an opportunity to keep the Diable spirit alive. By having some minions follow you, you tend to increase your livelihood by expressing the talents in you or the minions.


Clash Royal


The recent advancements in technology that has made it possible to have phones that have reliable operating systems has made it possible for Clash royal to be downloaded on the Android phones. It comes along with many similarities with Clash of Clans. The reason behind the Clash Royals bearing similarities with Clash of Clans yet being totally independence was to avoid mistakes. It is a card based collecting game.


Summoners Warunnamed


Summoners war is also known as the sky arena which is created after the world is faced with gluttony over the mana crystals. It is Android, and IOS enabled making it easier to play using the phone. The game is quite interesting with the orientation happening at the floating island where a certain lady facilitates it. Its combat places a clear distinction between it and the rest. The special feature of the combat comes along with the huge collection of over four hundred monsters. The most interesting part of the game is that you are fully responsible for what happens to you at the arena while fighting. It is facilitated by the system of pay to win where the red crystal premiums are the currency.


Shard of magic


One common thing from the above games (apart from fantasy XV) is that they are phone enabled. It gives a very fine feeling while playing it for it is very funny. However, the game is very demanding for it is addictive in a sense. It is normally designed to give unlimited gems and unlimited food for you and your friends. By having the unlimited gems and food, you are assured of total control throughout the game.






Shards of Magic – All-in-One Mobile Game


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