Best Tips/Hacks/Cheats to Help You as You Play Dota 2

The Best Heroes on DOTA 2 to Escape MMR Hell (Tips)


When it comes to mastering, Dota 2 is highly dynamic. The game has many heroes with vast skills. Together, they create numerous technique and combos that can reward players a win.


Are you a newbie? If yes, it is prudent to begin with strength ranged hero. You ought to start with Sniper. Alternatively, you can play with Arc Warden because he is a newly released hero. In addition to this, here are other steps you can take to improve:


Steps Newbies Need To Take To Improve


    • Practice last hit A LOT …


    • Avoid roaming alone in lanes, particularly across the river. Doing so will get you swindled easily


    • Stick to your role. For instance, if you role is to support, always play support


    • Always know the capabilities of opponent heroes. It helps you counter their moves


    • First, know how to utilize courier as well as other abilities by taking a tutorial


    • Before getting the hang of the game, it’ll take time. Therefore, do not quit in the middle. Keep on going and going. Eventually, you’ll get better and better.


    • Try your best to stick with a Team in the game. This is principally true during team fights.


    • If you fail to beat them in strength, you can always beat them in wits. For instance, if you have a pusher hero whose team is dominating, carry a scroll, look for an empty lane and whoa, go for it! (this technique can win you lots and lots of games)



Other Tips And Tricks To Help You Carry The Day


1. Unlike what most people believe, it is wise to play heroes first. While at it, play simple one such as Lich or Tidehunter. When using these heroes, you can rarely be a burden to your team because they are simple and need minimum skills to be useful


2. Find friends that are experienced in the game. Having them come and guide you as they point out mistakes will probably triple or quadruple your learning speeds on top of making the game more fun.


3. Always stay resilient. The truth is that you’ll get flamed by others highly resist it. When you feed, do not lose hope.




To become a pro at Dota 2, here is a summary of what you are supposed to do:


    • Play with AIs


    • Extensively read guides


    • Watch more and more replays


    • First, get sufficient idea about the game avoids diving into the Dota world without any knowledge



Learn more about winning Dota 2 from this video tutorial.




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