World Of Warcraft Movie Review



World of Warcraft Movie Review

The following is a World of Warcraft Movie Review is a 2016 fantasy film written by the partners Leavitt and Metzen and directed by a produced known as Duncan Jones. The movie is based on the novels and game series that are set in the world of Azeroth from the Warcraft Video Game series. The major players in the film are Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster and Robert Kazinsky. According to, the film depicts the initial encounters that culminated between the orcs and humans in various locations. The initial plans for the film were laid out in 2006 as a project partnership between Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment.
The central home base for orcs, which is known as Draenor is under siege and is slowly diminishing into ashes. An orc who is known as Guldan assumes the role of leader and guides the clan into a new world known as Azeroth. Sir Anduin Lothar is the military head of Azeroth faction, and he receives information on attacks on human villages, which leads him to meet a young mage known as Khadgar. Khadgar convinces Llane Wrynn, Lothar and the King of Stormwind to contemplate the right decision for engaging the master Medivh, the enchanted guardian concerning the ‘Fel’.
Meanwhile, Durotan is struck with the epiphany that the powers of Guldan are what led Draenor to diminish in the first place and fight more atrocities in Azeroth if they are not stopped. Despite the Orgrim’s objections, Durotan manages to invite.13267593_241905796178702_696446361_n


Back at the orc base, Durotan has been held prisoner while Blackhand molests his clan. At this point, origim starts regretting against Durotan, who manages to set him free and assists Draka in escaping with Durotan’s child. Inevitably, Drake ends up losing her life in the battle, but she somehow manages to set the baby on crib down the river. Following this, Durotan calls Guldan to a battle and is physically beaten thus including the warlocks to end Durotan’s life by siphoning his life energy, thus violating the stipulations of integrity in combat.


During the battle with the humans, Callan who is Lothar’s son is departed from him due to a magical spell developed by Medivh. On his return to Stormwind, the King regulates a war meeting where he proposes a plan to mitigate the Orc threat. Lothar questions this idea by asking what will be the result when the portal is complete and open. He ends up arguing with Medivh and is locked up by the King. When Guldan is forced to sacrifice several human villagers that were captured to be able to keep the portal open for the rest of the troops who are led by King Llane charge towards the scene. King Lane manages to save most of the human prisoners.



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