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Finding a laptop for gaming is difficult without breaking the bank. However, there are laptop models out there that are affordable and still have the necessary specifications to play your favorite games. We’ve compiled a list of six laptops that are easily affordable and will run your favorite games. Remember, these aren’t the best laptops on the market, but are the most affordable that are capable of getting the job done. Here’s our list of the top gaming laptops under $400. Also be sure to see LaptopNinja for more good gaming laptops and additional information  on budget gaming laptops in a ton of categories.


Acer Aspire V5Stream_13_13-c020nr_5188772


This laptop is one of the most minimal we’ll discuss in terms of abilities. With only 4GB of RAM it’s not the most practical for gaming, but can still run them well enough to play. It has a dual-core processor and an 11.6 inch screen. As far as gaming laptops go, it’s adequate but not superb. For the low price of $264.99 it can be yours, but if gaming is important to you then maybe check out the specs and price of our next model.


ASUS HD Core i3 Laptop – $249.00Red-Asus-X200CA-CT158H-11.6-inch-Touchscreen-Laptop-Review


This ASUS i3 not only varies from the CB55 in price, but it also has modifications that make it slightly better for gaming. For instance, it has 6GB of ram as opposed to 4GB, which will help operate games more smoothly. They’re equal in storage space at 500GB, and both have impressive screens. The i3 has been praised for having great sound at such a low price. This laptop’s large 15.6 inch screen is also highly useful for gamers. The ASUS HD Core i3 isn’t minimalist as far as its hardware goes, which is why it’s so surprising it only costs $249.00 in certain online markets.


Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5351 Laptop – $399.99satellite-c55d-b5351-laptop


This Toshiba model has been praised for its dynamic processing abilities as well as its engaging screen for all things gaming. The screen’s backlighting is a Godsend in bright rooms, and its high definition compliments its gaming abilities as well. The Celeron Processor will do a good job as far as running the games, but it’s worth noting that 4GB ram is light as far as short term storage goes. RAM size can have significant effect on how games run on a computer. The CB55 does have at least 500GB for long term storage, so having many games on the computer won’t be an issue. Prices may vary for this product and it tend to be marked at $399.99, which is a great deal but we have better deals further down the list.


ASUS Transformer Book T100 2 – $150 to $268.991_13


This model is economic can convenient for more than just gaming. It’s RAM has only 2GB of storage, making it one of the lowest on the list. It’s important to understand this economic laptop will run games, but should probably be bought by someone who has other uses for it as well. Its removal screen makes it an excellent tablet for school and work purposes. It does have plenty of long term storage space, however, which means you’ll be able to store plenty of games. This laptop usually costs about $300, but can go as low as $250 if you sacrifice half of its storage space to have only 32GB.


HP 15-F004WM Laptop – $189.9515-f004wm


This HP model is another laptop with backlighting for use in the the daytime or in bright rooms. For it’s size, 15.6 inches, it’s surprisingly lightweight and has 500GB HDD storage. It’s RAM space isn’t the highest at only 4GB, but it does tend to have great gaming capabilities with one-of-a-kind graphics with a Bright-View screen. This HP can be found for as low as $189.95 in certain online markets, making it one of the best options for gaming at an economic price.


These laptops are meant to be affordable, but still function well for day-to-day use and gaming. These are a good investment for people who don’t have the means to save up for laptops designed specifically for gaming, or simply need a spare computer for gaming rather than using their primary computer. That’s our segment on the top gaming laptops under $400. Keep on gaming without breaking the bank!



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