Best Fantasy Games Ever Worth Trying Out




Fantasy games usually comprise of adventurous and immersive storylines which easily makes them prevalent amongst gaming enthusiast. Whether its marveling at the different characters available in the game or the different types of interactions they have, fantasy storylines are one of the bestselling gaming niches on the market today. The ability that games have to entrance us into the lands where demons, dragons, Gods and superhuman individuals is a norm, have become endearing for gamers. In fact, playing these types of games lets one develop their problem solving and decision-making skills while provisioning them with immense fun at the same time. Here are some of the Best Fantasy Games Ever:

The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimThe_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_HD_duvar_kad

The level of adventure in Skyrim takes you through a story of deceit, chaos, and destruction that all combine into an enchanting gaming encounter. The story occurs well over 200 years after the occurrence of its predecessor known as the Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It comprises of the story of Dragon Born who his on his journey to eliminate Alduin who is a top ranking dragon and wants to destroy Tamriel. Players can learn Dragon talk and can even use mystical and powerful spells as part of their weaponry. Additionally gamers get the chance to advance their characters skillset. During the initial stages of the game, players can develop their unique character by choosing one of the various species including orcs, elves, and human beings and then gaining access to tools for customizing their appearance.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

This Prequel to Sequel takes place well over two thousand years before the onset of its Sacred-2_PS3_US_ESRBpredecessor, the Sacred 1. Seraphim has been given the responsibility of handling T-energy until they grow tired of it and hand over the responsibility to the High Elves. However, the two fighting groups of the High Elves start to conflict over who will be responsible for the T-energy. As the events of the story develop, the T-energy becomes volatile and starts affecting all life in the world. It is therefore up to the gamer to decide the fate of the universe. Players can advance their character by dividing stat points and selecting from various overarching skills that can enhance their unique powers. Similarly, it also allows them to exchange their weapons with NPCs and utilize different types of artillery.

Dark Souls 3

Most fantasy games usually comprise of some of a milestone that the hero has to achieve. dark_souls_3_art_warrior_106564_1920x1080It’s a game that features an eerie Japanese theme on the western fantasy that depicts a surreal story as the game progresses. According to gamers get to collect lost souls and kill monsters and use them to increase various playing stats. Losing your life in the game means that you lose all the collected souls, and you re-emerge at the bonfire that you passed through. Throughout the course of the entire game, gamers can come across various types of enemies each with a different set of skillsets. Some of them can change their combat skills during the game battles.




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